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Custom CRM Development

We build customized CRM systems that integrate custom-made software functions and functionalities that advance companies.

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Account & Contact Management

Allows complete awareness of your customers. Such as key contacts, internal account discussions, history activity. Gaining insights from social media networks and other platforms directly within your custom CRM solution.

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Opportunity Management

Allow users to see every critical detail in their client's activity timeline. Like what stage the deal is in? Which products are included in the deal? What steps need to be taken to close the deal? While tracking all activities in real-time.

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Sales Data Management

Integrate trusted third-party applications, extensions, and plug-in. Impeccably to assist businesses.Thus, it obtains the most accurate, up dated sales data directly from the custom CRM.Allowing them to make better decisions faster and more efficiently.

Lead Management

Gain complete access and control over the most current customer. Their contact information, as well as having the ability to further manage and track accordingly. All marketing efforts across many channels. Help companies to become successful lead trackers from capture to closure.

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Email Integrations

Enhance your own CRM platform with seamless email connection. Which syncs current email channels with the CRM. Such as MS Outlook or Gmail. It provides complete visibility of emails, contacts, calendars. Further more across desktop and mobile devices.

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Reports & Dashboards

Design and build modules allow users to receive a real-time picture of the whole business. Along with drag-and-drop capability. Therefore, which creats customizable reports. Through which track lead volume, conversion rates, and other pipeline data.

Workflow & Approvals

Einnovention Create a drag-and-drop interface. That allows users to automate complicated sales processes. Such as auto-assigning jobs, authorising deal discounts, creating customised email notifications, filling out orders, producing proposals, and more.

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Sales Forecasting

Through real-time viewing, organisations can forecast future sales based on current pipeline data. Which further allowthem to predict market shifts and adjust marketing campaigns accordingly. Consequently, itreduces risk and makes smarter business choices.

Custom CRM Solution

We creates customize CRM systems. Which cover healthcare, banking, and real estate. It further covers other sectors that automate sales, marketing, and customer service business operations.

CRM Process Automation Solutions

Einnovention provides engineering platform-based CRM process automation solutions. That help organizations optimize existing sales, marketing. It also helps in customer care processes by automating routine operations. It enables the digital transformation of business processes.

CRM Mobile App Solutions

CRM is rapidly growing in the industry. We create market compatible CRM app solutions. Through which sales staff, enhance internal cooperation, and enable company to gain more businesses. As CRM developer we do toughest job for you i-e determining CRM app features. Our developers have a good hand on this skill.

CRM Cloud Solutions

We develop unique cloud CRM solutions for our customers. That allow to do work from any place, any device having internet access and also facilitate to work on same data by mates of different departments. We provide simultaneous and continues connectivity with our CRM cloud solutions.


Industry-Leading CRM Platform Tools

To develop CRM app, we have complete knowledge of the best CRM solution and a have deep grasp. Most solutions are available with a solid mobile CRM application. The functions you may anticipate from the typical CRM and access to information. You may make modification in your desktop CRM are reflected instantly in your mobile computer. We develop CRM solution like Salesforce, Zoho, Sugar CRM, Orange CRM and Microsoft Dynamics to increase efficiency and satisfy customers.


We provide SAP CRM solution which uses HANA database technology. We help your business through our talented SAP developer. Who can provide you the best solution to enhance your business?

Microsoft Dynamics

We are the Gold partner of Microsoft Dynamics. With Microsoft Dynamics you obtain best CRM solution. That is design to meet your business needs and to suit the demands of a particular business group. Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions operate as a strong integrated solution.


We integrate SugarCRM. It is a dynamic alternative for companies to bring every aspect at a certain degree of structure and simplicity. The SugarCRM mobile app provides capabilities that allow you to summarize, locate pinpoints and thoroughly categorize the majority of areas of your sales, marketing and service operations.


We use Zoho CRM as it is one of the most powerful tools available in market. Zoho's CRM standard is aimed towards sales departments. It is the set of capabilities for a dynamic CRM with components such as conversational IT, real-time reporting and insights. We try to covers all of your computer's bases - structured smoothly and flawlessly through an engaging, fluid interface via Zoho CRM.


We recognize that every company has distinct procedures, objectives and criteria. We develop Orange CRM that gives you the ability to deliver extensively. We develop Orange CRM module with extra component, which connects easily with your database to deliver. It has new features and tools to meet your company needs.


The mobile CRM from Salesforce is what you would expect from a developer.You may easily access CRM data everywhere. All unique Salesforce applications are available at same spot. You identify possibilities and forecast results while we continuously giving practical advice. Salesforce is a pillar of the industry and is consistent with its practical new standards with the functionality of its mobile application. We provide solutions including assimilations, implementations, and modifications. it also provides Salesforce IT support.

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